Image not loading and text not formatted right

hi all. i am almost done with this pen for the web development portfolio project but I have two main issues. firstly, when I open the pen in the debug console, the background image for the about section doesn’t load and I don’t know why. secondly, in the contact section, I cant figure out how to get the h1 contact text to line up horizontally with the other items in the grid. help is appreciated!
here is the pen:

I don’t understand your first question so I can’t help you there. Concerning your second question, why do you have a height of 75px set on the contact section element? And I’m not sure I understand how you want to layout the elements in the contact section. Do you want the Contact heading to be on its own line and then the two links to fall below it? Personally, I wouldn’t use a grid display for this. The heading will naturally take up the entire width of the page and you can center the text with text-align. If you want to have the links side-by-side below the heading then wrap them in a div and use flex display on that wrapper div to get what you want.

Of course there are several ways to do this, the above is just my opinion. I generally try to use the natural properties of the elements and then use grid/flex minimally where needed, but that’s just me.

Good luck.

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