Image search abstraction layer challenge: google cse gives 403 error

For some reason google CSE sends a XML with 403 error and no reject reason given. I double checked my CSE ID, tried to switch https back and forth, tried with and without KEY parameter, tried to send request to and to nothing worked.
Here is request string example:’ + CSE_ID + ‘&key=’ + KEY

Have you checked out the CSE dashboard? There’s a link there that goes to the API explorer, where you can plug in parameters and it’ll give you a URL.

At the minimum, the URL should look like{SEARCH_TERM}&cx={CSE_ID}&key={YOUR_API_KEY}

Thanks, sending request to worked! Though i looked at CSR dashboard again and din’t found any mentions of it there, or in any documentation i read about google CSE API.

It’s the “Try this API in APIs Explorer” link on the right
(it goes here:

I see. Seems like i looked at the wrong API. Thanks again.