Image search layer API - did you manage to offset results?

Hi all!

So, I did the project with the Imgur API, as after a quick look, it seemed the Google and Bing APIs were too complicated to deal with.

However, I can’t find any offset parameter in the Imgur API. The way I understood it, the API would provide an offset parameter. I believe that’s the way it is with the Bing API.

IMHO, as a learner, I am not sure adding the offset feature to the API adds much value, but it is in the user stories, so…

My question is : did you use the Imgur API, and did you manage to sort out how to use the offset parameter ?

Thanks for the hints !

I used Flickr and there is an offset.

So, I understood correctly : the offset feature does come from the API. It’s not a function you add in your program.

(I’m not excited at the idea of redoing the whole thing using another image hosting website, just for this simple feature)

But this is where the learning happens. I’m not excited about additional 2days I’ve spent so far adding the feature to my voting app to prevent a user from voting twice, but it’s part of the process. Ineothwr out the time in now to implement a feature that’s time consuming and learn the new mongo quieried I need, or I spend time getting stuck later when I have a similar query or task to implement.

I’m not saying you need to redo it, but with practice, using a new API will hardly take any time at all, but you need to see and interface with MAny bdifferent apis to make them seem easy.

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The imgur api uses ‘page’ and ‘perPage’ query strings that you can use when figuring out the ‘offset’ parameter.