Image size in header area


i’m trying to resize my images at header area but it’s not reacting .

please, is there any special or specfiic code for that!

We don’t know what code you currently have our what layout you’re trying to create, so quite difficult to provide any help. If possible can you link to a CodePen or similar with an example of where you’re stuck?

Product Landing Page (

This is the link of my page. i want to resize (smaller size) the logo of my page.

What you need to do is call the ID in your css of the img itself. Then you need to set height to auto and then width you can use to adjust the image. Something like this:


If you use px it is fixed and if you use % you can make the image responsive to the rest of the page because it will be based off the size of your .header-image box size.

Also looking at your code, I see you have everything on your page built in to the header. I would highly recommend that you break things out in to their perspective place. ie:

Doing this will let you have much more control over your website to make it responsive. It also helps with making your webpage compliant with web readers and how they retrieve information from pages.

Thank you for your support.

it’s working fine!