Image won't fill height of div container

Hello! Please can anyone advise why my img will not fit within the tile container?

Thank you

Hi there! Are you talking about this image?

<img class=“tile_img” src=“

It’s a tiny thumbnail

What I would do is set the height on .tile_img to 100%. and also I would set object-fit to either cover or 100% 100% like this
object-fit: 100% 100%. this sets both height and with to 100%.
That’s what I would do, idk if you are looking for the same thing.
Hope this helps.

In addition to @JuniorQ comment, my variant is to set width: 100% and height: 100% to .tile_img. And .project-tile with width: 100vh
No need for object-fit in this case
The result:


Thank you both! @Ray13 @JuniorQ

I have managed fit the images into their div elements but the images are blurry, do you have any advise how I can amend this?

I’m trying to make it so these images are like previews for each individual page.

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You are welcome. Your images are very small, replace it with pictures having actual sizes

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ok will do, thanks again!

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