Images will not display in html

**Hello, Link of the image that I am trying to insert into my html document will not display. Don’t know why. Need an advice how to find an image that will display.
Alternatively, how can I upload an image from my computer into the html code?
Many thanks.



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Please post the code you are trying. A link to a Codepen or copy of your html, including the img src address.

To use an image from your computer you will either (1) configure your computer as a server or (2) remote host the image somewhere on the web and link to it (latter easier if new).

If you don’t want to save it on your computer as a file, just right click it and copy image address. Insert that in the src of your img tag.

I posted the code. Not sure if I should copy links in between two asterix, or after it. Anyhow, it seems readable now.

Hi, I tried it and it gives “unexpected characters” alert.

You copied the link of the website. Right click on the image and copy image address. And your img tag needed a closing > Here’s an example:

<img id="img-div" src="">
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