Images wont load on my React app

Hello, i have a problem with my images and i just can’t understand, im stuck
Im actually making a react portfolio for my projects but i have a probleme when I start my app, my images wont load ( im a new user so i can send only one screenshot)
There should be pictures but there’s nothing (not even the icon that it hasn’t been found its just empty).
There is cards on top right of the website and inside but they dont apears, i verified the extentions and path, all is good :

There is this problem when i try to load images like this but also with a dictionnary :
Yesterday it worked but now its broken but i have no reson, can you help me, im so stuck x)
Ty for reading :slight_smile:

I also have a dictionnary (to update easly my portfolio)
and it wont load :

This is how it looks like :

Welcome to the forum @Zeill0w

Check the contents of the folders and the file names.

Happy coding