Importing fonts is not working

Can someone help me figure out why this font isn’t working? It’s really frustrating.



Don’t see anything wrong with your code. Try hitting network tab of your chrome console and see if network response is coming in.

This is what I’m getting here.

I can’t see anything wrong with your code, can you try the other way too, loading font using link tag in index.html?

Can you show us how the page renders?

I actually found out what I was doing wrong and it’s embarrassing. lol So i don’t wanna talk about it. :rofl:

Also, sorry for such a late reply. I was out of town for a while but am happy to be back on the coding train. Thank you for reaching out!


You should never be embarrased about something you did wrong. You solved it which is something to be proud of. Could you share what fixed it so someone in the future might benefit?

I’ve spend 3 hours before combing through code that wasn’t working to find out I forgot a }. It happens!

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@silashuereca I agree with @RadDevDad it would help others to know what mistake you made so will can make sure we do not do the same.

All the code was fine. I was looking at font that was right above the given font “Lora” (which almost looks exactly like the default font) but instead I was thinking it was “Lato.” So when I was saving my code and looking at my webpage it was doing what it was suppose to do but I didn’t see any change because it was “Lora” which looks exactly like the default font.

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I didn’t realize that chrome caches copies of regularly visited sites. So when I went to update my own personal site, I couldn’t figure out why the new index.html file wasn’t working. I created a ticket with the hosting service I used and much to my embarrassment and a jolly good cache clearing later… all was well.

I spent hours reading all about things I never knew to fix a problem I didn’t really have. So not entirely a waste of time, did learn a few new things.

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Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one stuck on something that didn’t necessarily have anything wrong with it. It’s so incredibly frustrating when we get stuck on things like that. But I think in the end, it all keeps us learning. Thanks for the encouragement my friend. I appreciate that.