In progress Portfolio webpage

That’s the link to my web-page that i am currently creating. i just wanted some form of advice and any good ideas/tips on what i should do to the web-page. i would highly appreciate any helpful tips and advice. i am now familiar with CSS flex-box but i am still struggling with using media queries even though i have watched countless videos.

Thank you

Their is no need for a navigation bar if the webpage is less then 1 viewport tall.

I would suggest making the height of #about-me relative and just add some top and bottom margin around the image and text. Same with the navigation bar.

This is because on smaller screen the fix height causes this:

I suggest you learn Flex Box and utilize it here.

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hmmm so the flex box isn’t working properly at the moment? wait for smaller screens should i be using media queries as well so that it becomes more responsive on the smaller devices. i definitely need to go back to the drawing boards and see how i should utilize CSS flex box within my websites. ill try make the corrections you told me just now and ill get back to you

thank you

A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

Yes. with flexbox, you can change items orientation on different sized screens.

Most tablets are at min-width: 1007px; and below

most phones are at min-width: 641px; and below.

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