In your own experience which question-answers or posts are the most interesting in FCC forum?

Hi all :wave::smiley:,

Would you share the question-answers that you have enjoyed more or learnt more from in the forum? I wonder if we can create a thread with the content that others have learnt more from and/or enjoyed more so that we can all learn from each others experiences using the forum and create a very rich and plural subjective guide to navigate the forum’s bast content.

Are you in for it?

Thanks in advance.


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This was a very neat post from ages ago:

I’m sure there are dozens more, but that was the only one I had bookmarked!

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I reference this one every couple of months:

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Yeah. that’s an interesting one I think so too. Thanks! I really enjoyed that read!

I think it can be an struggle to find a job and it’s really great to learn from what others have gone through, it kinda gives you not only insight but courage to take on your own journey. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

wow. I hadn’t seen this great post. It’s a really good code challenge for practicing solving algs and then comparing to the best/correct answers, plus reading through each solution author thought process. Thanks again @JacksonBates !