Increasing the width of a carousel item?

Using this:

I want to set a minimum width of 250px, but when I do:


How can I fix this?


Under that snippet is a text:

Change data items for xs,sm,md and lg display items respectively. Ex:data-items=“1,3,5,6”

So instead of trying to override the styling (it’s usually quite tricky with such libraries) why not change data-items value to something like data-items="1,3,3,3"

Thanks! Seems to have had an effect:


How can I space them out more?

Thank you!

If I apply them to this:

.MultiCarousel .MultiCarousel-inner .item {
	float: left;
	min-width: 280px;

It does this:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t add min-width.
Change margin in
.MultiCarousel .MultiCarousel-inner .item > div

That just makes them go further away from the controls:



Seems like a width is being added to the item class, but it isn’t in the code:


In the code:


Well, I tried on the snippet in your link and it worked. I’ve no idea what other modifications you’ve made to that code :slight_smile:

It would be better if you’d post codepen with your code.

Odd, seems to work on Codepen. Let me take a look at this :confused:

I have it under a few containers and margins. Could this be the issue?

It could. CSS is hard :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you very much!