Index.html needed help step 42 on Cat Photo App

I do not understand step 42.

Step 42

Even though you added your button below the text input, they appear next to each other on the page. That’s because both input and button elements are inline elements, which don’t appear on new lines.

You learned previously that the button submits the form by default, but you can explicitly add the type attribute with the value submit to make it clearer. Go ahead and do this to specify where this button should submit the form.
This is the part I struggle on.

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Challenge: Step 42

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Kindly link the problem url.

What’s happening here is you have a <button> tag and we want to add a type attribute which specifies what type of button it will be.

There are three types that a button could be which is: button, reset, and submit. Here we want the button to be a submit type of button. To add an attribute to a tag, we simply type the attribute inside the tag chevrons < & >.

here is an example: <button type="reset"> to imply that the button is a reset button. If you want to know more, here is documentation for the button tag: HTML button tag



This link below might be able to help you out :slight_smile:

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I also got a doubt and we also went on w3school also but failed then after we try …

** Submit**

I don’t know why they want this answer instead of value of submit no worry now this is too much easy.

Thank you! DUDE :slightly_smiling_face: