Infinite Loop Protection does not work. Browser Crashes

Hi. I have written code that includes an infinite loop (not on purpose :roll_eyes: ).
This loop wasn’t caught by embedded Infinite Loop Protection.

The code resides in my account’s “Chunky Monkey” challenge section.

Every time I try to open that page it crashes my browser.

I got acquainted with the solution provided here -->

and it did not work (unless of course I misunderstood it and did not execute on it proper)

These are the links I’ve tried:

  1. --> lands on my “freecodecamp/Map” page and says
    "We couldn’t find a challenge with the name chunky-monkeyrun=disabled&solution=function meetBonfire(argument). Please double check the name."

  2. --> lands on “freecodecamp/Chunky_monkey” challenge page reads my solution with the infinite loop in it and crashes the browser all over again.

Am kindly asking for assistance from FCC Support team or fellow campers that have encountered similar issues and found solutions for it.

Thank you!

Here. You need the ? and should take off everything after run=disabled, so it’s just the name of the challenge followed by that (without the solution bit).

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Now I can access it but it does not let me run the code therefore it does not save the one that works. So as soon as I reopen the page it still has broken code and crashes the browser.

Ok. It does work now. What I did was:
-> used the link with #?run=disabled
-> copied proper code in the editor pane, clicked run
-> hard refreshed the page

Thanks for your help!