Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Issue Tracker

Can someone explain to me the purpose of the project? I asked earlier on the original thread but no one is responding so I am creating a new thread?

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Generally I would ask you not to create a new topic just because a few hours have gone by and you haven’t gotten a reply. However, in this case you were responding to a topic that was a year and a half old and isn’t really relevant. Please describe whatever problem or question you have.

I am confused on what the project is asking me to do. In the test example the forms at the bottom serve no purpose and there is no clear way to indicate what the project name is. Maybe I just don’t fully understand what’s going on but can someone explain to me the purpose of this project and why the bottom forms serve no function in the test example?

The project name is whatever you want the project name to be. The idea is to create an application that could be used to track issues with some project. The point of this project is to exercise good security practices more than to create an exciting application. On the page that lists the user stories there is a link to a very simple live example of what you will be doing. I assume that the forms at the bottom are intended to just give an example of the functionality that your project should have.

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I’ve just finished Issue Tracker project. And though I’ve fulfilled user stories, I’m still not sure how these projects should be done. It’s suggested to us to use boilerplate which contains some test files which apparently are used by freeCodeCamp for testing and there is pretty much prepared frontend for us with some basic view with forms and corresponding javascript code. So, should we build those projects as some sort of API microservice, like the previous section projects and only concentrate on the backend (writing functional tests, handling client requests and crud operations to database etc) or should we build a full app with proper frontend where user gets responses in a form of regular html pages instead of json objects?