Information Security Projects - Port Scanner

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so i have been trying to run the programm to see if it s working so far but the replit is keep saying:

unable to read .replit:
unable to decode .replit: toml: cannot load TOML value of type map[string]interface {} into a Go string

can anyone tell me how i can fix it?

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Challenge: Information Security Projects - Port Scanner

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Never seen this error before. You’ll have to post a link to your repl.

hmm i did attach it but its gone lol.

this one is my link.
if the link doesnt work. my code is >
import socket
import re

def get_open_ports(target, port_range,verbose=False):
for port in range(port_range[0],port_range[1]):
if result==0:
except socket.gaierror:
return “Error: Invalid hostname”
return “Error: Invalid IP address”
except socket.error:
return “Error: Invalid IP address”

You’ll need to use code blocks for code, especially since Python is unusable without indentation. We’ll need the repl to debug as I doubt that error is caused by your code.

damn how do i share my code. i wrote my code with indentations but the forum just took it away.

You have to use code blocks or the </> button in the post editor. Any markdown howto will be helpful.

As for the repl, there’s something wrong with it that doesn’t seem easily fixable. I got your code to start by creating a new, empty python repl and copying the files into there, so I suggest doing that.

thanks for answering :).
i think it was replit bug or sth. i couldnt import a new boilerplate for hours. Now it s working normally. i think it was because i had imported many times in a row in the previous challenge or sth.

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