Information Security with HelmetJS - Install and Require Helmet

i dont understand a thing please help me i have 0 idea what to do

solution: boilerplate-infosec (1) - Replit

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Challenge: Information Security with HelmetJS - Install and Require Helmet

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You shouldn’t alter the existing code:

const express = require('express');
const app = express();

The require keyword in Node.js is used to load modules, ready to be used in your code.

If you want to load the helmet package, which has already installed for you in npm, you simply require it with the require keyword.
In this case, just add a line of code below the existing lines (above) and use the variable name ‘helmet’ to require it (exactly as express has been required).

thank you i did that but why does it then say helmet must be required in package.json or what link specificly am i copy pasting

Helmet is already installed for you. You can see it in your dependencies in package,json.

You haven’t done this. You need to require helmet in myApp.js.

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