<input required="" pattern=""> Attribute List?

I am looking for a list of attributes to use with the required parameters for my survey areas on the form. The only thing I could find is on Mozilla at this page:

I am trying to find a pattern attribute for the email address where they have to use the ‘@’ character and ‘.com’. Also, I am looking for an attribute for the use of only letters and no numbers for the name, and no letters and only numbers for the age.

If anyone could point me to the site on mozilla (I couldn’t find it) that has a list of these parameters or the common ones anyhow, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

There is a type for email:


The page you found is the one with a list of input types and input attributes.

The page doesn’t have the list for input pattern’s. I found a website that has the information, it is called general expressions for HTML5. Thank you for the reply though =). I do appreciate it. !

There isn’t a list of patterns, because you write your own using regular expressions.

That is what I am wanting to learn, to write regular expressions. I have no idea how to do it.

There is a section of freeCodeCamp on regular expressions. It’s in the JavaScript curriculum.

Ah ok. I haven’t got that far yet into javascript so I think that is why I skipped it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Regular expressions can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t worry if they don’t make a lot of sense right now.