Inputing values (multiple) to functions


I’m trying to understand why i cannot input two operations at the same time, like so:

for this particular challenge:

Please post your actual code instead of a picture. You deleted the part of the post with your code already included.

Currently you are ignoring the function arguments and trying to hard code specific numbers. That isn’t what the example does.

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Thank you!

What i’m trying to understand really is the actual memory carving in a real work environment situation of web development.

I know this isn’t a question on arrays but since you mentioned “hard copy”, there is a conceptual aspect of “adding” an item that i’m trying to understand.

First, how does a programmer (web developer) know the corresponding slot numbers of an array.

Why can’t someone just “add” a slot to the beginning of an array.

Essentially what i’m trying to understand is if someone is hired to work on a website for example, how does she/he know how much memory they have to work with?

Can arrays be created on a will and if so, how do you measure that from a database standpoint, a hardware standpoint, a bandwidth standpoint, and an array based standpoint from the code you are editing/refactoring/typing?

Thanks for your time if you read this message.

These questions don’t really have anything to do with the problems in the code you posted? Did you fix your code for this problem?

‘Hard coding’ I’m talking about in the last post is not related to arrays.

There are a bunch of ways to find out where the data you need is inside of an array.

Programmers can add items at the beginning of an array. A later lesson talks about how to do that.

Typically, the amount of memory avaliable or needed on a computer for a website is not a problem. Websites use very little memory compared to what modern computers have. A programmer typically doesn’t need to know exactly what memory is avaliable on the computer being used to visit the website.

Databases are a completely different issue.

You perhaps don’t know enough for me to give you answers that will make much sense. I recommend continuing with learning so you can build up your background knowledge.

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Thanks i appreciate your time Jeremy, and i’m sorry for going off course.

Sometimes, when i don’t understand the problem, my reaction is to have a global perspective of what the role of the line of code is, and what it does to the entire program or website.

That makes sense, but the questions you asked aren’t really related at all to the problem with your code. Your problem is that you are not using param1 or param2 at all.

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