Install Tailwind

Hello, i need help, i try install tailwind with :
npm install -D tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer
But i have this error

Try updating react-scripts to V5+

Updating info

i try npm i react-scripts but i have error

Did you follow the docs?

Edit: Oh you are on react-scripts V2 not sure how painless going all the way to 5 will be but at the bottom of each release version there is a link to the previous version. You may have to go back to V3 and do the update all the way to V5

Or start over using Vite and copy all the code over.

I try

Did you try the tailwind install again? It looks like the react-scripts upgrade worked.

when i try i have this

I just see the usual vulnerabilities warnings (get used to it) you can try and do an update but it might not matter much.

The dependencies you are installing are dev dependencies, so they will be listed under devDependencies not dependencies (and that part of package.json isn’t shown in your image).

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your win ! thanks

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