Instead of printing space!, use the addition assignment operator

Hello dear friends. My task is that: instead of printing space!, use the addition assignment operator to add the space to the current value of encrypted_text. So I wrote following. But it still make error. Please help6

for char in text.lower():
    if char == ' ':
            encrypted_text += char

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Thank you.

Although we would need to see your whole code, from this snippet it seems like your indentation is wrong. You should only have one extra tab or 4 more spaces in front of the encrypted_text line than the if line. (so 2 tabs, 8 spaces total).

You forgot your semicolon at the end of char

We don’t need semi colons in Python.

As @HungryBee pointed out, the indentation is not correct but in this particular case the test can pass. I suspect there’s another reason that is not making you pass this step.

You’re right but some python syntaxes allows it to end a statement which the ‘if’ statement is an example

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