Instruction missing from "Back End Development and APIs Projects - Request Header Parser Microservice"

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The project instructions are missing. I found a YouTube which shows the original instructions such as where to look for the ipaddress and language headers.

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Request Header Parser Microservice

The instructions are here

What specific instruction(s) do you believe is missing? (They all seem to be there for me)

The instructions regarding headers “Accept-Language” and “user-agent” are missing in the current version of the course:

The same is true for Timestamp Microservice project ( where currently the instructions are missing compared to what it used to show for instructions (attaching here from same source)

the Request Header Parser Microservice instructions have not been changed at all this year (I checked github to see if anyone added or removed anything to the user stories, I found that they have remained the same all year).
They may even have remained since sometime in 2021 when they were written. (same goes for the other project)

Perhaps whatever you are looking at is even older than that. I would just based my work on what the official fcc site says I should do.

You can review the history of the files here:

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