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<h1>How to Become a Ninja</h1>
<h2>Learn the Art of Moving Stealthily</h2>
<h3>How to Hide in Plain Sight</h3>
<h5>How to Climb a Wall</h5>

<h3>Learn the Art of Battle</h3>
<h5>How to Strengthen your Body</h5>
<h5>How to Fight like a Ninja</h5>

<h3>Learn the Art of Living with Honor</h3>
<h5>How to Breathe Properly</h5>
<h5>How to Simplify your Life</h5>

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Challenge: Use Headings to Show Hierarchical Relationships of Content

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From the instructions:

“Change all the h5 tags to the proper heading level to indicate they are subsections of the h2 ones. Use h3 tags for the purpose.”

That tells you exactly what to do. Click the “Reset All Code” button to get a fresh start and then do exactly what the instructions say (change all h5 tags to h3 tags).

I missed a couple too, many thanks, you’re right