Instructions text size


Is there any way to increase the size of the text in the instructions without having to make the whole screen bigger?

It’s not set up for people with poor vision, because in many cases zooming in the screen gives inaccurate results such as in the CSS exercises. For example, if the font-size is supposed to be 25px then the answer will only be correct with an unzoomed screen.

If there is no current fix, please address this issue in future updates.


You may either alter default, max and min font size in your browser. Or make the page zoom.

Not sure about this part, I have 125% zoom and some challenge is about sizing such as font size challenge or image sizing both pass with zoomed content (I’m on chrome).

Don’t know about your and other browsers! But as tried both links provided with chrome, opera, and firefox with zoomed page, all worked and passed.

You can also use browser extensions (I use Stylish in Chrome) to customize the CSS of any website you use.

I got it to work for the exercise but the bigger you make the screen the more it messes up the placement of the cursor as seen below.

Yes I see, well I tried some very massiv zoomin to experience the same issue, but seems it’s not working for me. no any issue for me

What’s your browser? what if you referesh the page?

Also try, in your browser setting ,you can specify monospace default font. Select something else like courier new and try again.

I’m using a Chromebook. It worked after I refreshed the page no matter the zooming.


Stylish is getting some bad press, so use at your own risk.

Hmmm… Maybe use a different extension then. Or write your own (like so many things, it’s surprisingly easy once you get started).