Instructions vague in "Escape Sequences in Strings"

I don’t believe the instructions are correct for the escape sequences portion. The instructions say to replicate these three lines:


I assumed this should be programmed as such:

var myStr = ‘FirstLine\n\SecondLine\\nThirdLine’;

However, the “correct” code is:

var myStr = ‘FirstLine\n\SecondLine\\rThirdLine’;

The instructions should specify the use of a carriage-return between the second and third line, since there’s no way to decipher that from the instructions without looking at the error portion after first-submit.

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Here is the text with the escape sequences written out.

“FirstLine newline backslash SecondLine backslash carriage-return ThirdLine”

Hey @ChrisCavs!

I got stuck at that one too! If your’re still stuck, this HERE is the answer explained.

Hope it helps!

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i stucked with it but finally i tried that and it works
var myStr = “FristLine\n”+"\SecndeLine" +"\rThirdLine";