Intemediate Algorithm Scripting: Sum All Primes

Hi! On both this and the previous (Sum All Fibonacci) exercises, my solution works fine (as shown by console.log of the output), but it won’t pass the tests. I note that this started on the same day as the new format for the FCC landing page, and am wondering if there’s a change to the terms of service that I didn’t notice, possibly having to do with the fact that, until today, I haven’t had an account, just always did the 1-shot email sign-in. I can post my code somewhere if needed.

This is most likely an issue with your solution timing out. Can you post your code?

The magic-code email sign-in still creates an account. We track your progress through your email address.

Our changes shouldn’t have affected the test running suite, that I’m aware of. I recommend sharing your code, as Jeremy suggested (lightning fingers, over there)

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Sure! Do I do that here?

You can use the “Ask for Help” button on the challenge page to create a post for you - that way it has the proper formatting (link to the challenge, code format, etc) and will automatically include the code you have in the editor.

Will do, though it may take me a couple of minutes to figure out the bells and whistles.

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I posted it with the same title with a “2” at the end.