Interesting situation with (Weather App)

I am very close to being done with the weather app. I have the temperature, location, F/C toggling, etc. working on my laptop at home. However, when I accessed my pen on my phone at work in Marina Del Rey, it gave me the info for Anaheim. I went to to see if that was the culprit, and sure enough it was also giving me the Anaheim info. Has anybody else experienced this with the ipinfo site? It works fine at home in Hawthorne.

Hello @cweibel73 I’ve noticed this behavior as well. I believe many of the ipinfo type location services reflects the location of an endpoint router in your ISP’s network, and that can change from time to time, depending upon packet routing. I know my location is sometimes exactly as it should be, and sometimes is 100 miles off.

same here, so now i get the location from the latitude and longitude in the open weather api and now works fine