Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Smallest Common Multiple query

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while executing the following program it gives correct result for input [23,18] ie.6056820

but upon executing by the commented code beside the original i.e > by executing the loop backwards i get wrong answer = 2018940

can anyone pls explain why ?

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
  let max = Math.max(...arr);
  console.log(max) ;
  let min = Math.min(...arr);
  console.log(min) ;
  let no = max ;
  for(let i = max;i>=min;i--){      //for(let i=min;i<=max;i++)
    no = no + max ;
    i=max ;   //i=min
return no ;


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Challenge: Smallest Common Multiple

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Since u already got the sollution
I would recomend to read they will explain u the code and how it works