Intermediate Algorithm Scripting Struggles


Keep at it. I have taken some time to learn how GitHub and Git works and have been away for a while also doing some reading on algorithm scripting. Now back to JS in FCC.


YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!! I'm going through the project now and I haven't learned anything from at section. Then I tried google and it took me even deeper down the rabbit hole. Thank you again


I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who finds these "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting Problems" challenging. I found it quite a jump from the previous exercises.

I have a question. Are these the kinds of questions they ask in coding interviews where they expect you to solve it in, like, under 30 minutes? If so, I'm in trouble. I'm taking anywhere from an hour to 3 per problem, and I haven't even solved that many yet.


Glad that posting out my struggle helped somebody. Do tell me whether you found the provided link useful!
Also, sorry for posting such a long dramatic post, it's a habit.


Occasionally, yes, but it's not the norm for technical interviews, especially for junior dev positions. Anyone interviewing with that sort of material is no one you'd want to work for. I have given technical challenges to candidates before, but it was take-home material, not on-the-spot whiteboard quizzes.


I am new to computer languages/science. I started the intermediate algorithm challenges and I was BARELY
able to finish two challenges in the past FOUR DAYS.....

In the beginning there were some clues.. now I feel completely bare and lost... I am assuming this is the normal trend on a learning curve..

After learning so much form the Wikipedia Viewer, Weather API and Twitch TV my confidence was high; and now...... I had the illusions that I thought I knew and now realize - I knew "not".........

Thanks for this post because sometimes I felt I was the only one..


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I thought maybe I had missed something, or that it was a joke…


You should get used to researching, reading the documentation, StackOverflow, etc. In a real job there won’t be hints–just constraints.


So I’m struggling with the intermediate algorithms, but it’s more because I feel like I should be using some brilliant piece of code. Are these really more about just solving and having a working solution, or coding the most effective streamlined code? Some of these I could just for loop the heck out of, but that’s ugly and not overly effective…but it would solve the challenge.


The short answer is that it is about both. When your first starting out, just figuring out a working solution should be your focus. However once your more comfortable, you should go back and work on making your solutions more efficient. You would be surprised just how many of those algorithms can be solved in just one or two lines of good code.


Hackerrank is not very well designed, the developers don’t know English well (obvious by the poor/incomplete wording of some of the problems) and the way they pass data to your solution is a PITA most of the time. Even professionals don’t find hackerrank to be user friendly.


This is exactly the same problem I’m having - As a result I’ve diverted to other areas in web development. Its always good to take off your mind off the things that frustrate you once in a while and manifest your energies instead into another area where you’ll be more productive. Come back to the algorithms when you’ve cooled off a bit mentally and once you’re more fresh.

Good luck!