Intermediate algorithms - smallest common multiple

Hi there,

I finished today the Smallest Common Multiple algo (Front end, intermediate algos). Took me a week, and it made me cry few times over that period of time (but just a bit, so it doesn’t count!). It took over 100 lines of spaghetti code to get it done. So for anyone else stuck on this one, have faith, because next algo after that one needs 1 line to solve. It seems there is a huge discrepancy in difficulty between individual challenges in that section. So yea…I just don’t know anymore. Did anyone else struggled with that one, or is it just me?


Congratulations on kicking that challenge’s butt! It is one of the trickier ones for sure. I bet that once you’ve worked more on the intermediate algorithms you’ll be able to come back and do it in a lot less than a 100 lines and then you’ll feel like a true badass.