Internal and External links using anchor elements

I’m a little stuck when it comes to the differences between internal and external links.

How would I change this to an internal link? What are the differences? What does it mean by “…add the value footer…?”

<a href=“freecatphotoapp” target="_blank"/cat photos

<footer/Copyright Cat Photo App/footer>

(some things had to be changed to view the command)

Here’s the curriculum to assist anyone trying to help:

Change your external link to an internal link by changing the href attribute to “#footer” and the text from “cat photos” to “Jump to Bottom”.

Remove the target="_blank" attribute from the anchor tag since this causes the linked document to open in a new window tab.

Then add an id attribute with a value of “footer” to the <footer> element at the bottom of the page.

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Thank you.

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An “external link” is a website, like An “internal link” is an element on your web page.