Internal link? how to do

How to do internal link?

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Hey @Yogesh1 Welcome to forum. Can you please elaborate your question ? What is it that you are trying to do?

Hi @Yogesh1 please can you be a bit specific.

l think he wants to ask how you create an internal link

Hello @Yogesh1. Your question is too much short and is not clear. Please edit it and include your code, link to the challenge, and be more descriptive.

Anyway, here are the steps to create internal links:

  • To create an internal link, use the a tag:
<a href="">Go to About</a>
  • Now add an id attribute to the element the link should point to:
<section id="about">About</section>
  • Now put the id attribute in the value of a tag’s href attribute. Don’t forget to put a # before it!
<a href="#about">Go to About</a>

Happy Coding!

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