Invalid DOM property issue in my reactJS App

I have been trying to resolve this issue and for this purpose first thing i did was remove the activeClassName to ClassName and it is throwing an error in both cases.


removed the activeClassName attribute and replaced it with className

you have it in NavLink

@zaklina I had tried the same but no result.

modifay your NavLink he is giving you the error . I think …

<NavLink className={({ isActive }) => isActive ? 'activeBtn' : ''} 

try to modifaid it…


  1. You should really fix the import it is telling you to fix.

  2. On line 30 in the first image, you have Classname, it is className (camel case).

  3. Replace all activeClassName with className (camel case).

We can’t see all your code and images are not how you post code.

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