Is a code bootcamp worth it?

I’m currently going through my second course at a coding bootcamp. I’m feeling discouraged because I’ve noticed they don’t go in depth on every concept. I’m wondering how can I land a job with just knowing the introductory level of computer language. I could imagine an employer looking to hire someone who at least as an intermediate level expertise rather than just a beginner level expertise.


Bootcamps of all kinds are accelerated compared to a traditional degree. How far they get into the deep internals of computer science varies but usually it is what you already see, shallow and just enough to support you to learn some practical skills.

That said, even if you went to school for a CS degree, spent 4 years learning more broad and deeper theory, you’d still be at “the beginner level expertise” when you graduate.

There are a lot of ways to land a job coming out of a bootcamp, but there isn’t a foolproof way. For entry level positions, companies see you as an investment, so your goal is to be able to “sell yourself” as a good investment. Being able to show you can learn, grow and contribute on your resume and during the interview process is where you’d want to focus.

No matter how many bootcamps, or or degrees you get, companies like to know you can get the job done, so being able to build your own things, show them off and talk about them can help dramatically.

Most employers are always out looking for experienced individuals, as they are a safer investment, and possibly a more immediate need for a company. That said, companies do realize highly qualified experienced individuals aren’t just laying around waiting to get hired, and thus look to higher less qualified, less experienced individuals to get them into the org earlier.

Its true entry level positions are highly sought after, so competition can be fierce. So you’ll have to work hard on making sure you stand out from your peers any way you can.

Don’t get discouraged, but do keep up the work and building toward your goals!

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


Thank so much for your input, this really helps understand better in what direction I want to go in and what to expect.

There is company’s now in need of people in coding with no prior training. The one reason I have not applied is due to a choice of there education level. They want people with degree form college, associate or higher.

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