Is anyone here who's studying machine learning?

Drop a message hereby. Would love to stay in touch and discuss this field as well as study along.

I’m currently going through the math sections on Khan Academy and hope to start studying machine learning after.

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I’m not actively studying it right now, but I did the first two Waikato Uni Data Mining courses (still free including certification), and the Andrew Ng/Coursera/Stanford ML MOOC a while back.

I’d like to do some Python-based ML stuff later… Maybe R - if necessary. (I’m not a big fan.)

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I a currently enrolled in Deep learning course at coursera. I want to practice some problems at Kaggle.

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the one by & andrew ng right? that’s just the next thing i would be doing after the machine learning course of andrew ng which i have been doing these days.

i have been studying through the MOOCs by Andrew Ng and had been doing the programming assignments in octave. python is most people’s first choice to write code to implement machine learning algorithms and i would soon switch to that.

khan academy is undoubtedly one of the best resources to learn. yeah! strong foundation in math is inevitable for understanding machine learning algorithms better.

Agreed Python would be much better, but a few years back there was less choice of MOOCs. Even now I’m not sure there’s a Python-based introductory ML course of the same quality :frowning:

Yes. I am only in the first course. They are five courses of te spcialization. I hope I can finish them all.