Is array.reduce uses push in background?

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function nonMutatingPush(original, newItem) {
 // Only change code below this line
 return (newItem.reduce(function (x,y) {
   return x.concat(y)
 }, original))
// return original.push(newItem);
 // Only change code above this line
var first = [1, 2, 3];
var second = [4, 5];
nonMutatingPush(first, second);

So far I was trying to use reduce and FCC compiler giving me the error

Your code should not use the **push** method.

Can someone explain to me why it’s saying like that?

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Challenge: Add Elements to the End of an Array Using concat Instead of push

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Hi, remove the comment:

// return original.push(newItem);

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@moriel is right. The freeCodeCamp tests check to see if your code contains forbidden methods. Even if you have commented them out, computers are stupid and see the text there.


Gotcha! Thank you so much.

I appriciate your comments. yes they’re really stupid AF.