Is Artificial Intelligence a good choice besides business?

I’m going to apply to colleges this year, and I’m wondering if Artificial Intelligence is a good choice besides business.

I was curious if your experience has taught you any lessons about creating a business that relies on AI as its foundation. This is my vision of myself in 2 years, so do you view this vision as accurate or misguided because AI doesn’t naturally align with business?

Thanks in advance and I hope we can connect.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

AI is just a tool involving code and math. Sure, you can use code and math to make a business. The important question is what do you want to do?

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I want to create a business that people use on a daily basis. A robot that pays the bills or does the housework. It can be a mobile app that offers health-related insights based on your heartbeats, sleeping quality, preferences, etc.

This is a very general idea of what I look to accomplish.

I forgot to thank you for your response, so thank you so much!

AI currently has a few niche use-cases when it comes to helping a business, for example:

  • Integration with virtual assistance - Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, etc
  • Public facing support helpers - AI based phone interfaces for general support

This sounds more like sci-fi than current technology. To perform housework, you’d need a full scale robot that can perform general tasks with minimal guidance. This technology doesn’t currently exist. Its been the idea of “robotic assistance” since the 1960s, so the idea isn’t new, but even with all the technology of today, we still aren’t much closer. Companies like Boston Dynamics have continued to progress in robotics so they can walk around/handle different situations better. However, the technology to get a robot to “do stuff” and deal with a multitude of situations is still pretty far off.

The main problem is current AI technology and advancements are based primarily on pattern recognition, and big data. This is the reason why you can talk to Alexa and she understands what your saying, but she can’t actually do much besides act as an interface to other services. Going further AI can assist doctors on diagnosing patients. AI is fantastic for dealing with cases that rely on patterns, but horrible when it comes to general tasks, or anything outside of said patterns. This also means you need a lot of data to train your AI in a specific domain, rather than build some “general AI”, which again, doesn’t currently exist.

This is a vastly better use case for AI, however this is more in the realm of big-data and hard sciences, rather than AI. This is also the business model of existing companies like Fitbit.

AI as it stands right now has its place, but relies a lot on data-science, and big data models to function. Even with these advancement, the current data science field has a lot of challenges such as bias in data models, usage as surveillance and user privacy. Overall AI is vastly better than it was years ago, however the fundamental models and capabilities are essentially the same.

If your interested in AI, I recommend looking into freeCodeCamp’s Python curriculum, which goes into data science and machine learning. AI today is just built on the back of data, and it will stay that way for the foreseeable future, so knowing your data science should be key in leveraging AI in general, and not only for businesses.

Good luck, keep learning! :smiley:


You are amazing man, thank you so much!! Your insights are pretty clear, as they corrected my vision of AI.

I think this field needs more breakthroughs in order to be a great tool for business. I also think that AI based business are still mini in today’s technology unless they are entertainment businesses like games and apps like Photolab. However, this is not what I look up to.

I believe I will do more research in the matter to determine what is better than AI to support a business that people use on daily basis.

Thanks again!

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did you have idea through python we can possibly make “jarvis”

Yes, there is a variety of benefits to executing AI into your business strategy. From higher class customer data to enhance your merchandise or consumer experience, the possibility is infinite. Many financial companies have already begun utilizing cloud computing, robotic advisory, and artificial intelligence to extend their contributions and improve efficiency.