Is boot camp worth it?

I don’t have any tech experience, my background is actually in car sales, but I’ve always wanted to learn to code. I’m turning 26 in March and I don’t have any degree which worries me. Is it common in the field to find programmers without a degree? How difficult is this? Also, let me know of any boot camps that you may want to recommend.

It’s more common than in other highly skilled fields, but having a degree is still standard so you have to work on distinguishing yourself as a self-taught developer.

It depends on a lot of things, many of which are a matter of luck. You have to train yourself to a professional level before becoming a professional and you have to be able to prove that you have skills that are at least equal to someone who has spent 4 years in university. It takes work, but people do it every day.

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Thank you, I’ll read it.

Yes, and more interestingly, most of the programmers do not have a degree. They taught themselves to be a programmer. But nowadays, It isn’t easy to be a programmer without a degree.
There are many coding boot camps around the world. Just google it and find out your best Bootcamp, depending on your locality.

in that field employers don’t really care about your degree. Self-study is more relevant, cause you can find more urgent data in the network rather than at the lecture.

I’ve been doing some research and there are actually a few camps in town, but due to the current situation, all classes are online. I have an idea of which direction I’m taking.