Is freecodecamp still maintained?

I have completed the first 4 certifications and only one is left to claim the Full Stack certification. However, I noticed that the last two certifiations “Api” and Microservices" and “Information security and quality assurances” tests are really buggy and outdated making user almost impossible to pass the test. Is freecodecamp still maintained?

Or, am I just wasting my time on outdated content?

freecodecamp is maintained, and updated pretty often.
If you find a bug you can report it as a bug.

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

You may also like to know that during this year freecodecamp will transition to new curriculum 7.0

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Welcome, 4slimbu.

Yes, freeCodeCamp is still maintained. In fact, it is one of the most active repositories out there. You can view and contribute yourself:

As for the backend, currently, I am working on fixing some of the miss-alignments that have occurred. Personally, I am not working on the projects, but am working my way through the Advanced Node and Express section.

Do keep in mind: the freeCodeCamp staff are a relatively small group, and the curriculum is undergoing some massive changes, which you can read about here: Help us build Version 7.0 of the freeCodeCamp curriculum

Hope this helps


Hello there @4slimbu,

I’m not a moderator or part of the team, but I can confirm that FreeCodeCamp is indeed still being maintained by the developers and the open source community. The tests can be buggy at times, but that’s why we are always trying to fix those problems, and there are a lot of people contributing to the open source code. That being said, If you have some problems or issues about the tests, you can try to ask around the forum, or create a GitHub Issue. Doing this can actually help us to improve the current state of the curriculum. If you , yourself want to contribute, you can check out If you need help, you can ask around in the forums or the FCC gitter contributors chat room here:
Or you can always join our Discord Server to just meet other campers, talk about anything there. You can ask questions, and we will try to answer. Most of the time we just play around and socialize in the server. So if you want to join, here’s a non-expiring link to the Discord Server:

Currently, there is already an updated version of the curriculum on beta that give the curriculum a fresh list of certificates. You can try the beta on FCC’s dev site :

Hope this helps,
Remember to Stay Safe and Happy Coding!! :)



Thank you all for the replies and explanations. Indeed, freecodecamp seem to be actively maintained.

Actually, my issues were related to tests. I was having difficulty passing tests because there was no constructive feedback when the tests failed. So, I was clueless on what’s wrong and where I need to work to make the test pass.

Because of your help, I was able to find out the freecodecamp repo and looked at the tests to see where my issues were.
e.g: In one of Exercise Tracker project test, it was expecting date in specific format, which was not mentioned when test failed. Infact, it only metioned that the particular route test failed. So, its really hard to debug these situations without proper instructions and feedback.

Anyway, I am at the last module, and will try to finish it in a week or two. Then I will also actively contribute in developing the new curriculum as much as I can.