Is it important to use Well class of Div element after i.e. col-xs-*?

So im wondering if its really necessery to use div class= ‘‘well ‘’ after div class=’’ col-xs- 4’’ or we can use it before it?

Order should not matter and actually you can combine both (or multiple classes) in a single declaration.

(i.e. div class = “well col-xs-4”).

Correction: I should add that though the order doesn’t matter the behavior will be different. Or

<div class = "col-xs-4">
   <div class = "well">

will not produce quite the same effect as:

<div class = "well col-xs-4">

But that, strictly speaking when and how you invoke the class depends more on the effect you want, rather than some hard and fast order. Also just to point of the fact multiple classes can be declared with a single class ="".

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