Is it possible to run each workspace separately?

I’m new to this repository, pardon my ignorance.

Is it possible to cd into a specific folder e.g. client and run pnpm run develop and have it only run that folder?

I’m facing very long build times, taking over 5 hours when I run it on the root folder freeCodeCamp

that’s a lot of time, it seems there is something going wrong there…

You can run develop:server and develop:client separately (if I remember correctly)

freeCodeCamp is really big, your computer may not have the resources needed, You can consider using gitpod

I’m using Ubuntu on Windows, and accessing the cloned github on windows through cd into mnt/c/Users/... path

Could that be the issue? Should I clone the github repository directly into Ubuntu folder instead?

yeah, that is a big nono, close the repository into Ubuntu

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Thank you. is there a way then to edit the files using VSCode if I clone them into Ubuntu folder? to confirm that is \\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu\home?

Or do I have to copy the directory each time I make a change into ubuntu using cp command

I guess you are using WSL? you can connect VSCode to your WSL

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