Is Javascript is hard

Hello FCC Camper,

I have completed the Resonvipe Design course. Then I moved toward Javascript. But even before I complete the 50 test I feel like it is sooooo hard. I know for web dev Javascript is very important. Are there any
resources for learning Javascript easy? or Tips to easy learn Javascript?

Any answer is helpful

Thanks and Happy Coding :grin:


Hey @codely!

Javascript is weird but I am starting to like it. :laughing:

I felt the same why when I started learning javascript a few months back but it just takes time. Plus if this is your first programming language then you are also getting used to programming basics.

Here are some javascript resources that I used when I went through the javascript section and still use now.

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Thank you @jwilkins.oboe.

yes, this is my first programming language.

Still, I’m doing my schooling it is hard to spend time learning to code. Is there any tips for balance in study and code.

Also look at this site:

Its a book and its free .You can also edit the example code in your browser itself.

I have finished introduction only. Right of bat he says programming is hard.

So be patient and take your time to understand and try challenges.

mosh’s video is the first thing I watched before coming to FCC its good start.

watching videos is one thing but trying challenges and getting stuck and figuring it out is challenging and fun. Its how you learn.

Happy Coding.

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I would just set aside small chunks of time that you can dedicate to study each day. Just try to do a little bit each day and it will build up over time.

You can say tomorrow I am going to do a few of these challenges on array methods, or regex or maybe just try to tackle one of the algorithms. ( or wherever you are at in the curriculum)

Consistency is key!

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I would not recommend “Eloquent javascript” to total beginners. Maybe first four(ish) chapters. It’s more for an intermediate level.

When you have JS basics down, I’d recommend to take, it’s short, it’s free and it’s fun.

Also if you’re willing to spend some 10…15$, you could check Udemy (they have regular “sales”, so don’t be shocked by initial prices).
Courses on Udemy are usually more structured and go deeper than youtube videos/playlists.


If you are interested in udemy then I would suggest Brad Traversey’s course.
I think he is best suited for beginners.

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Please, i know that many people are good and have best intentions, but i stumbled way too much on this advice. This is definitely not a book for beginners. Source:yours truly.
I have asked around my fellow aspiring web devs and 90 percent of them agrees, this book will make you better developer, just WHEN you chug basics down and start doing fun stuff.
Mosh is cool, FCC gets best balance and Amanda, Colt and Shaun(the NetNinja) are my choice when you are at the starting point…just like me.
JS is not easy but worth every minute of your time.

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JavaScript is hard (because programming is hard). Because it is hard, there is no way to make it easy instead. The resources listed above take different approaches to explaining JavaScript, so it’s worth looking at a few and figuring out which ones make the most sense to you. Ultimately, you will end up using many resources to learn.


I recommend I recently found it and I think it’s a great resource for practicing JavaScript. It’s for programmers of all levels. It has challenges from very easy to advance levels and it provides resources that you can check out when you get stuck on a topic.

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Hey @joanclarke1!
Welcome to the FCC forum!

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@codely Thank you . Hope my response was helpful

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@codely JavaScript is hard yes. But with persistence and patience you will be able to come to like it.

I like what @prak3429 shared. I have finished the whole book and I am onto the node section right now. It is really a good book. I would say one thing I am going to do when I read it again is to take some notes. It is hard to remember all the things coming at you but is great for beginners! Happy Coding! :smile:


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And by the way for ES6, i think it would be better if you keep it the last section to review.(just my opinion it’s up to you)


Thank you all @landon.h.lloyd @bedward @joanclarke1 @jwilkins.oboe @ArielLeslie @jenovs @Gavrilow84 For all your advice toward a newbie.


@codely You will do great! Also just because it is hard doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. You might get stuck at times but that is what the forums are here for! Happy coding! :smile:

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I am doing a ground up re-learn of JavaScript and I am using a copy of Headfirst HTML5 alongside FCC - it helps and provides a different perspective. The other great resource is W3C Schools: [JavaScript Tutorial (]

Getting a full development set up configured in Windows 10 (Mac or Linux) with all the tools is often the hardest bit - just spent over a day getting basics of VS Code, Scoop, Git, Node, Python and variety of other tools working just to debug a Hello World app and stuff it into a Git repository.

Its great fun when it all finally works and journey with any coding language is the same - be patient, take things step by step and above all enjoy the experience.

Hope you find the right resources for you - I have already added several new things to my list based on answers to your post - so thanks.


I would like to thank you cause this Tutorial is sooo helpful. I was really lost with JScript here.


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