Is JavasSript Free?

Hi, I was wathcing this video on YouTube about differences between javascript and php and I found that Javscript is not free and php is open source, but i didn’t understand, I can use Javascript free so what it means?
Thank you!

That video is not correct. JS is an open standard. Anybody can implement a javascript engine because all of the requirments and standards are freely available. Can someone implement a JS engine and then charge for it? Sure, why not. But when was the last time you had to pay to use a web browser with JS in it :slight_smile:


You do not have to pay to use JavaScript. Unlike some languages, the public cannot make direct contributions to changing the implementation of the language. Technically “JavaScript” is a trademarked name owned by Oracle. It is the most common/popular implementation of the ECMAScript language standard which is controlled by ECMA International. In order to propose changes to the standard, you have to be a member of the 39nth Technical Committee or a recognized contributor.

But, as @bbsmooth pointed out anyone is welcome to build their own implementation of the standard.


thanks now is clearer!

yes, javascript is open source programming langulage

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