Is knowledge of CSS necessary for React?


I now with guidance from @DanCouper in particular can fetch some data from api, however i have not much knowledge of design , i know all the tags and their use but do not know to create a css to make the data appear in a nice manner …

I just want to know as a react developer will i be responsible for creating the css as well to add the code in the tags or this is job of designer …

Also is there any place where i can learn react design with css … kindly guide thanks …



Yes, you will need to know CSS if you want to add styling in React. First you must know the basics of CSS, and then you will need to learn how to use it in React.

For elements that will not change, you just create CSS files in your React project and import them to your .js files. You can use one CSS file for all pages and components, or you can give each page and component its own CSS file. In both cases, the CSS works for the entire app, so if you style an element one way for one component, it will style the element that way for all components, no matter where the CSS file is, so you’ll need to use class or id names for styling.

For dynamic element styles, you’ll need to learn how to style them inline. (This is frowned upon in regular HTML tags, but it’s necessary in React.)


Yes you’ll need to know CSS to style your React apps. Luckily MDN has an awesome introduction to CSS ( which can help you get started :slight_smile:

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Whether you use vanilla JavaScript, React, or some other framework, your job as a front-end developer will be to take a design given to you by someone else and use the correct html, CSS, and JavaScript to make it look and function as they want. You may not be the one coming up with the actual design concept, but you will more than likely be responsible for implementing the design.

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If you don’t mind it looking like garbage, then you don’t need CSS. Also, if you don’t mind what it looks like, You can build and paint a house blindfolded.

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@anon52159105 - thank you so much i have bookmarked it and before i start react router , i will finish this tutorial …

@RandellDawson, @LisaWillCode - thanks , i was under the impression that as a developer i will not need to work on design, i will start learning css from today it self …

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If you don’t like spending time on styling you can use Material-UI, a great library that gives you pre-styled React components. But you’ll need CSS anyway in order to fit everything together.


Glad I could help :slight_smile:

It depends on the type of development, in a backend API Development position you’ll focus less on design outside of making sure its compatible with the frontend, you can never know too much, you can however know too little.

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