Is the Web Dev Job Market Getting Saturated?

I am referring to the MERN stack which FCC primarily focuses. Have jobs reduced or there are too many talented developers who can dish out quality web apps without breaking a sweat

!!from personal experience so think about it and take it for what it’s worth!!

i think this depends on location. where i’m from, the people who want to go to college for computer science or start coding projects just for fun is a dime a dozen, but i don’t know a single person who didn’t end up changing their degree or just dropped out completely, or actually started their theoretical coding project in the first place. i’m not saying that i know everybody in the whole world and what they do, but i am saying that these are occurrences that i witness at least once a week and haven’t seen otherwise. therefore, from what i’ve seen, there’s not enough programmers and it’s in high demand. i’ll just have to see how things are when i’m ready to get into the job market myself.

In my experience here in LA, yes, the market is saturated. If you take a look at the listings on angel list for anything React-related you’ll see on average a hundreds of applicants applying for these roles.

I feel like it’s somewhat the same in SF, although there’s a LOT of startups looking for talent.

I don’t think I’ve seen a single job ad for the MERN stack. There are quite a few front end jobs looking for React or Angular (and still plenty of jQuery), but Node is still pretty niche. As for MongoDB, forget about it. On the back end, the big players are Java, C# and PHP, and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

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Back-end technology typically depends on company size. The largest companies (usually referred to as “enterprises”) tend to use either Java or C#, because the underlying platform(s) are developed & sponsored by large enterprises themselves (Oracle and Microsoft respectively). So you’re unlikely to use JavaScript on the back-end (using Node.js) at a very large company.

The small to medium-sized companies are where the action is at if you want to use the MERN stack professionally. Startups and small companies in particular tend to invest the most in the latest technologies, and are what you should be targeting if you want to use JS on the back-end. Unfortunately, these companies also tend to indiscriminately use other technologies, so it’s really a toss-up. Sometimes they use Ruby on Rails instead, or one of the PHP frameworks like Laravel. This year I’ve been seeing more small companies adopt even newer languages like Golang or Elixir. So you either have to become a well-rounded polyglot, or just hope for the best and commit to specialize in one of these newer languages.

And yeah, MongoDB isn’t that popular yet. Relational SQL databases are still way more popular in comparison, so brush up on your SQL and relational database theory if your aim is to go back-end or full-stack.

Front-end is different since Microsoft officially endorses Angular, and most companies that use one or more parts of the “Microsoft stack” will inevitably be using Angular. Other companies that have no hold to any Microsoft technologies will typically use React. And the small to medium-sized companies will typically use Vue.