Is there a HTML code that stops auto scrolling when a HTML webpage is opening up or refereshing?

Hi everyone. We have a very basic html file/webpage used to create a quick, simple profile of our work-projects (we are not IT or web developers - very basic almost idiot friendly capacities with code, etc), we are looking for a full html code that forces a webpage to stay at the very top of the page when its being opened or refreshed and will not auto scroll further down the page to an embedded Photobucket slideshow gallery or to an embedded Youtube video.

See: love for life dot com dot au

If we remove all embedded photobucket galleries and a youtube video the problem goes away, but we need to use these features to keep everything simple, uncluttered, etc. .

We have written to Photobucket tech support and have briefly chatted with our 2006 onwards net host, pair dot com, and they are looking into this issue when they can, they have both witnessed this issue occuring.

Is there anyone here who knows of a html code they could send us?

Arthur & Fiona Cristian