Is there a JS equivalent of python fstrings

Fstrings in python are extremely useful and the syntax is super simple and clean. its as simple as placing a literal ‘f’ before the string quotes and thus anything inside the brackets {inside} acts a placeholder for what you write in it. concatenate things of diff types: ex - strings with variables. no need to include ‘+’ …but there’s so much more to them:
as an ex:
operations can be done ‘inside’ the bracket - as can iterating over a list for ex to update certain parts of the sentence: for clarity: heres what they look like in python: If anyone out there knows both python and js- or even if you don’t know python but are hopefully able to see what is being achieved: does js have a way of doing this ?

a = 3
b = 5

s1 = f"the value of a is {a}. The value of b is {b}"
>> the value of a is 3. The value of b is 5

s2 = f"the sum of a + b is {a+b}"
>> the sum of a + b is 8

primeList = [2,3,5,7,11]
for i in primeList:
    print(f"The square of prime {i} is {i*i}")
>>The square of prime 2 is 4
>>The square of prime 3 is 9
>>The square of prime 5 is 25
>>The square of prime 7 is 49
>>The square of prime 11 is 121

thanks in advance!

ES6 has Template Literals, which behaves similarly.

Take a look here: