Is there an online group for blind FreeCodeCamp users, or can we get one going?

Hi all. I’m working on the Responsive Web Design certification and plan to move on to others after this. I’m also totally blind. I know there are other blind campers but I’ve only met one, and I was just thinking it would be nice to have a group where we can help each other out. CSS is a challenge without vision so it would be great to talk to others about how they manage it. Does anyone know of an existing group, and if not, would any other blind campers like to create one somewhere? I would be willing to create it if others will join. Thanks.


I think there are many discord servers for programming purposes. The best one is of course Free Code Camp. Check out this guide

and join FCC discord server here:

You may also get a ton of help from reddit programming subs like this one:

Hi. I’m a member of several programming groups. I was talking specifically about a group for blind people, not a general programming group.

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I am not blind, however this topic really interests me. I would love to get on board in this group if you create it, and allow me to participate.

Hi @Living4God1991 ,
I’m not aware of an online group for blind freeCodeCamp users.

This is interesting, I think this can be approached:

1.- Get a screenshot of the page an use a software to measure the distance between objects, and get other information (image analysis?) .

2.- Compare a “model” of the page and the page that is being writen (something like the diff command from linux)

3.- Get all the info of the “developer tools” and create a “database” (with all the advantages, like queries)

4.- Use a “visual testing tool”[0]

I don’t know if the use of a “visual testing tool” is a good fit in this case, they can add too much complexity. Maybe a better approach is write a custom tool for this.

If you start the online group send me a link (I’m currently writing a “modal, line oriented, with audio cues text editor”), maybe I can help:

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:


[0] Plugins | Cypress Documentation

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