Is there any method that automatically push a newly created element(in html) in an array?

I’m creating a whatsapp chrome extension that sent me a notification whenever a specific keyword message is send in the group. So if someone sends a message then a new p tag is created with it’s innertext(whatever the message is). I want that p tag-innertext to be pushed in a msg_array, how to do that ?

That sounds like a job for JavaScript.

can u help me in some way ?

if someone sends a message then a new p tag

Make it so, when someone sends a message an object is created.

That object can be pushed into an array, and if object is created successfully the message is created, as well

this is the point where i m stuck , how to alert browser that a new object with “blah blah” class has been created ?

Create a variable with an empty array const messages = []

When function createPara runs instead of creating paragraph it push message to the messages array.

After message had been pushed, you would created paragraph from the messages array

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