Is there any time frame for completing fCC challenges?

Hello Guys,

Is there any time frame for completing freeCodeCamp challenges? I signed up for freeCodeCamp last month (July 2017) and over 2 weeks in July I completed around 20 challenges from the Front-End development path starting from the first one. I then had a little break because I am doing another on-line course as well.

I just logged back in to my freeCodeCamp account and noticed that out of my previously completed challenges only 3 are now marked as completed. Other challenges I had completed in July have just disappeared and it looks like I have to do them again from the beginning.

So in this case I am just wondering if there is any time frame for completing the challenges?

Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally make a new account? I’d email and ask if they think you have two accounts. As for a time-frame your solution and points never expire.

Hi Nathaniel,

Thank you very much for your reply.

No, I definitely did not create 2 accounts. I created only 1 with my email address. I am not quite sure if the problem might be that previously I was using freeCodeCamp via Windows and tonight I logged in via Mac.

I have already started doing the challenges from the beginning which is a useful exercise anyway :slight_smile:


I tried to find a FCC username name which is the same as your KarolJay forum username, but could not find one. If you know your FCC username, then you can go to and see all the challenges you have completed.

I signed up June 22nd, 2017, and I haven’t had any issues. I also spent 3 or 4 weeks doing all the React and D3 challenges without logging into FCC. Then I logged in and submitted everything at once. The point being that I went about as long as you did without logging in, and I did not have any issue.