Is this enough for JavaScript?

I started learning HTML and CSS, so I can learn JavaScript. I’ve already built a Cat Photo App(HTML) and Cafe Menu(CSS), but I see there are many more exercises. Do I need to go through all of them or is this already enough to hop on JavaScript? Thank you.

If you feel comfortable with HTML and CSS you can go into the JavaScript curriculum. But it’s recommended first go through all of the HTML and CSS course.

I kinda feel confortable, but I will finish the other courses, because why not? :smile:
Thank you so much.

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You dont have to go through all of the html and css lessons. Thats only if the lessons go over manipulating the DOM. I havent been through the new js curriculum, but I dont believe there is much of that. You would be fine to switch over if you feel like you got a handle on the basics.

Just keep in mind the rest of the html and css curriculum covers important topics when it comes to making sites

Okay, thank you so much.